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MyPropPal is brought to you by REAI, the leading AI technology company in the real estate industry. With a team of top-notch machine learning PhDs, as well as veteran leaders including industry ex-CTOs and leading brokers, we have the key to make your real estate career an easy success along the way. Our patented and proprietary technologies as well as exclusively developed advance features elevate the industry to a new level. In 2019, REAI team had completed the book "The Next Gen Real Estate Tech", Time has proven what we projected in 2019 was correct, and now the industry mainstream also acknowledge the importance of AI and other technologies for elevating real estate industry. Please get a copy of our book complete in 2019 to see yourself, what has and what has not yet been fulfilled yet in our industry https://reai.gumroad.com/l/riswv

Our Team Members

team member 1

James Wang


James is a veteran technology business executive as well as innovative real estate leader, he has developed cutting edge artificial intelligence applications in various industries.

team member 2

Mark Lesswing

CIO (Interim)

Mark Lesswing is ex-CTO of NAR and ex-CTO of T3Sixty, he is a veteran real estate industry leader, and has guided the technology development of industry for decades

team member 3

Ryan Perry


BS from Stanford Engineering &MBA from Harvard, veteran business operation and growth leader, with leadership experience in eBay, TiVo, Zoom, etc

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Chris Tamm

Advisor/Strategic Partner

Chris Tamm is a seasoned leader with 25 years of experience in various executive, founding, and board member roles, I have a diverse background in real estate, growing and operating companies, AI, and automation

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Tech Team

Top notch AI & Machine Learning PhDs, with cutting edge AI research experience in Harvard, and various top technology companies.


Mr. Mark Lesswing, ex-CTO of NAR and ex-CTO of T3Sixty: REAI is bringing innovative AI technology breakthrough into real estate industry with unique AI products that can boost industry and help professionals elevate to new levels.

Mr. Mark Bessett, CTO of CRMLS: REAI's AI engineering is the top & unparalleled in the industry.

RESO R&D Committee Chair/RMLS CTO Greg Moore: REAI provides unique AI products& services to real estate industry.

MLSlistings Director Olga Ermolin: REAI's AI technologies including its video tagging/compliance can solve real compliance problems for industry.

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